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My name is Nicolás Botero Diaz I have 16 years

course grade 11, ,and study San Isidoro,

This photo was taken with my family and star my pet out

of the house.My family is composed of my mother,my dad, my sister and pet

Jose Ricardo Botero he is my father figure,

is high, with black skin, brown eyes.

this is my mom ,

she is beautifull , intelligent and independent

This photo was taken with my sister,

at a party going to dance,

this is a sakura, your skin is gray

with small white, likes to play,is fed

with concentrated, is friendly to everyone.

Nicolas is my best friend, lives in the neighborhood,in the

we like to go to the park eating ice cream and talking, we

always we share together



I like playing video games

my friends and I, arriving at the cinema .

It was a great ride

I project within six years

as an electronic engineer

I enter one of the best universities

in the country, uniandes

I honestly have no ideain the

an educational activity with my girlfriend in the

and some friends

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